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Review: The Toddy Smart Cloth Cleaner by Toddy Gear

Microfiber Cloth Cleans and Polishes Displays Without Liquids

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Review: The Toddy Smart Cloth Cleaner by Toddy Gear

The Toddy Smart Cloth by Toddy Gear features two microfiber surfaces.

Image © Toddy Gear

As someone who has seen his share of cleaning products that were quite frankly — pardon my French — “le crap,” I am quite skeptical anytime an item comes my way that promises great results.

"Streak-free cleaning, my butt."

"Problem-free lint removal, my derriere."

Obviously, I’ve had my fair share of cleaning products that over-promised and under-delivered. So when the Toddy Smart Cloth came my way making grand promises about how well it cleans portable electronic displays, my first reaction was to roll my eyes.

”Here we go again,” I said.

The fact that my backlog of stuff to review was piling up meant I had to hold off on trying out the Toddy, which was fine by me. Then one day, I saw my cousin’s iPad on my coffee table and couldn’t help but notice how horribly smudged up it was.

”What the heck does he swipe this stuff with, his tongue?” I murmured to myself as I reached out for the Toddy Smart Cloth.

The results were quite surprising. But was it a good surprise or a bad surprise? Read on to find out.


It works: After wiping the screen of my cousin’s iPad, the display looked nice and clean. The Toddy basically has two sides — a plush microfiber on one side and and a silk microfiber on the other. You basically use the plush side to clean up the smudges and wayward spittles and then use the silk side to polish the display. All it takes is a few seconds and voila, you’re done. The fact that you can use it on stuff like your glasses is a plus, as well.

No liquids needed: The Toddy doesn’t need any cleaners or solvents to work. Besides less streaking, this means you don’t need to fork extra dough for a cleaning liquid. There’s also less risk that you end up getting the wrong liquid and messing up your display.

It’s clean: The Toddy purportedly comes with an anti-microbial shield or coating to help ward off icky germs. Now, I’m not sure how long that coating lasts but the Toddy also can be rewashed if it gets dirty and will still work afterward.

Design variety: To be honest, I could care less about looks as long as a cleaning cloth works. But if you’re the type who values design selection, then the Toddy has you covered as well.


Screen protector difficulties: The main gripe I have about the Toddy is the fact that it doesn’t work as well on screen protectors. I tried it on a variety of devices that had different kinds of screen protectors installed on the display and the results ranged from good to not-so-good. Little, dried up liquid spots were especially hard to remove on devices with screen covers.


Despite the difficulties with screen protectors, the Toddy Smart Cloth is designed as a screen cleaner, not a screen protector cleaner, so I’m rating it as such.

The Toddy works really well on “naked” displays for tablets, smartphones and other devices. The fact that it’s a no-nonsense microfiber cleaner that’s quick and easy to use earns it high marks as well.

If you’re the the type of person who doesn’t like putting screen protectors on your device, then the Toddy is certainly worth taking a look at.

  • Final rating: 4.5 stars
  • Manufacturer’s site: http://toddygear.com
  • Cost: $9.99
Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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