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Removing HTC Thunderbolt Back Cover to Access the Battery, SIM & Memory Card


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Getting the HTC Thunderbolt Cover Off
Removing HTC Thunderbolt Back Cover to Access the Battery, SIM & Memory Card
Photo by Jason Hidalgo

Thunder, thunder, thunderbolt … Hooooo!

Boy, that was a terrible pun. Fortunately, I ain’t a comedian. (As for those who didn’t get the pun, well, you really aren’t missing much.)

Anywho, it’s time for yet another battery cover tutorial, this time for Verizon’s HTC Thunderbolt. If the Thunderbolt looks suspiciously familiar, that’s because it’s kinda’ like the brother of Sprint’s EVO 4G and AT&T’s HTC Inspire. Yes, that would be the same HTC Inspire that inspired me to take in more calcium after I nearly broke my nails trying to open its cover.

Although the Thunderbolt is still kind of persnickety to open, I had a bit of an easier time with this one. Or maybe my nails just got stronger.

Anywho, start by getting a nail into that upper slot for prying leverage just like in the photo (yikes, looks like somebody needs to slather some moisturizer on his hands...). If your index finger has just about the same paper cup-crushing power as Mr. Burns from the Simpson’s, then feel free to use your thumbs. Make sure to use both hands for extra leverage.

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