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How to Remove the Back Covers of an HTC Inspire 4G to Access Its Battery & Cards


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Meet the HTC Inspire 4G Double Back Cover System
How to Remove the Back Covers of an HTC Inspire 4G to Access Its Battery & Cards

Do two back covers double your fun and your pleasure? Well, not exactly.

Image by Jason Hidalgo

Upon unpacking my review unit of the HTC Inspire 4G, the first thing I noticed was how the small groove for the battery cover looked like it was chewed up by a microscopic gremlin.

Not a good sign.

Whoever reviewed or prepped this particular unit before I did, I just want you to know that I feel your pain.

See, I’ve taken off my fair share of battery covers in my time. But the battery cover for the HTC Inspire is in a whole other league of persnicketiness . If you’ve got nails as brittle as Christian Bale’s temper, there’s a good chance the Inspire’s cover will break, break them like Taio Cruz telling 'em how he feels. Heck, even Superman could probably break his nails and suck his thumb in tears after trying to open this thing.

Also note that the HTC Inspire has separate covers for the battery and the MicroSD and SIM cards. Why? I’ll look it up once I’m done sucking my thumb.

In the meantime, rub those nails with Barielle and let’s get this tutorial going shall we?

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