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How to Remove the Back Covers of an HTC Inspire 4G to Access Its Battery & Cards


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How to Snap Back the HTC Inspire Battery Cover Into Place
How to Remove the Back Covers of an HTC Inspire 4G to Access Its Battery & Cards

Align the connector point to the battery first then click both sides into place.

Image by Jason Hidalgo

Once you’re done patting yourself on the back for managing to take off the HTC Inspire battery cover, it’s time to put it back. Hopefully, you never have to do this during a time crunch unless you’re proficient at thinking happy thoughts. Seriously, though, getting this thing back into place is kind of a pain, too.

Basically, you just need to do your best in aligning the darn thing into place so it snaps right back. While doing so, your phone will likely turn on and off several times as the connectors get back into and out of place repeatedly. My deepest condolences if you’re both obsessive and compulsive cause seeing the phone turn on and off will drive you nuts. I know it drove me nuts at first. So much so that I almost yelled at the kids to get off my lawn. And there weren’t even kids on my lawn.

If it helps, make sure you align the curved groove of the cover with the bottom of the battery. Laying the phone on a surface as shown in the image above, then using both hands also makes things a lot easier. Once the bottom of the cover is aligned just snap back both sides of the cover into place. If you notice any gaps after locking the phone back, remove the cover and re-do the process. Then hope and pray that you’ll never have to do all that again any time soon. (It actually gets easier with practice, but seriously...)

On the plus side, the HTC Desire is actually a pretty nice phone.

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