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Apple iPad Central

All You Need to Know About Apple's iPad Tablet


Need to know the Apple iPad's specs? Want to know what the device looks like? Maybe you just want to hear what others think about Apple's iPod/laptop tweener? The Apple iPad Central section is the place to visit for all things iPad-related.

iTips: Tutorials, Tips & Tricks for iPad Users

Photo by Jason Hidalgo

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to use the iPad. But it's still nice to have a helping hand once in a while. From a speedy iPad setup to organizing your apps, this section will be updated regularly with pointers for iPad owners.

March of the Minis: The Apple iPad Mini

Photo © Apple
Apple served up a twofer in the tablet space with its unveiling of the fourth-generation iPad and its brand-spanking-new little brother the iPad mini. Here's a look at the petite addition to Apple's lineup.

Is the iPad 4 Worth It?

Photo © Apple
Wait, what? That’s probably the reaction that many buyers of the iPad 3 had after Apple dropped the surprise release of its fourth-generation tablet on the masses in addition to the iPad mini.

Meet Apple's New 3rd-Generation iPad

Photo © Apple

Apple finally took the covers off its third-generation tablet, the — um — "New iPad." Here's a look at the new features of Apple's latest slate.

The Apple iPad 2

The second iteration of the iPad brings an extra white color to the party, a more powerful processor, plus both rear- and front-facing cameras. Check out our review for the full scoop on the latest iPad's new features.

The iPad Image and Photo Gallery

Photo © Apple

Looks aren't everything, unless you're talking about an image gallery of course. The iPad gallery contains pictures of different models, accessories and apps for Apple's tablet. And now, it's been updated with iPad 2 goodness.

First-Gen Apple iPad Review

Photo © Apple

Is the iPad as "magical" and "revolutionary" as Apple claims it to be? Check out the lowdown on Apple's new slate tablet via our Apple iPad review.

First Look at the Apple iPad

Photo © Apple

This first look contains all the details about the iPad, including technical specfications, file compatibility and other features. It even looks at stuff that got left out from the device.

The iPad App Roundup

Image © Apple

Wanna have an easier time sifting through the gajillion iPad apps on Apple's App Store? Well, there isn't an app for that. But we do have an iPad App roundup. Check it out for a running list of iPad apps we've personally tried, along with our thoughts on each one.

Apple iPad Accessories

Photo © Apple

Accessories complete the whole package. Just ask the ladies. Or Apple. Or the slew of third-party companies now ready to cash in on Apple's latest hot gadget.

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