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Apple iPad Accessories

A Look at Official and Third-Party iPad Accessories


Oct. 29, 2010 -- Accessories complete the whole package. Just ask the ladies. Or Apple. Or the slew of third-party companies now ready to cash in on the latest sexy gadget on the block, the iPad.

The paint wasn't even dry yet from the Apple iPad unveiling and there already were several accessories announced for Steve Jobs' latest touchy-feely device. Here's a roundup of iPad accessories we know of so far. Also, don't forget to check our iPad Image Gallery for more pics.


These are iPad accessories straight from the minds of the folks at Cupertino HQ. They range from docks and keyboards to adapters and connectors.

Official iPad Dock

Photo © Apple

The iPad Dock can be viewed as a main hub type of accessory. Docking the iPad on its 30-pin connector allows you to charge the device via the USB Power Adapter and also sync to your computer. It also has an audio jack for connecting the device to a stereo or set of speakers. Price: $29

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Official iPad Keyboard Dock

Photo © Apple

This is sort of like the iPad Dock, except it also throws in a full-size keyboard for folks who still like to kick it old school interface-wise. The powered-up dock also has a powered-up price of $69, making it the most expensive official iPad accessory at launch.

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Official iPad Case

Photo © Apple

This black case is a multi-tasker that protects the iPad from scratches and dings while also doubling as a stand that can prop up the tablet into all sorts of positions. It's, like, the perfect iPad accessory for overprotective control freaks. Expect it to set you back $39.

Official iPad Camera Connection Kit

Photo © Apple

The iPad Camera Connection Kit comes with a Camera Connector and an SD Card Reader. This allows you to import pictures and videos from a digital camera either with your camera's USB cable or SD Card. I actually have a similar device for my iPod Classic and it proved quite useful when I traveled to Europe for work and used my iPod as a portable hard drive for storing pictures. Pricing for the iPad Camera Connection Kit is $29.

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Official iPad 10W USB Power Adapter

Photo © Apple

This iPad accessory allows you to get drunk with power — electric power. By letting users plug the iPad directly to a wall outlet, the iPad USB Power Adapter eliminates the need to boot up your computer just so you can give your iPad some juice. Then again, the iPad does come with a mini USB power adapter so I guess you only need this if you lost your adapter or want a longer cable (this accessory comes with a cable that clocks in at 6 feet). Cost: $29.

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Official TV and Video Connectors

Photo © Apple

In addition to the aforementioned iPad accessories, Apple also has several cable connectors for videophiles. The Dock Connector to VGA Adapter supports 1024x768 video. The Apple Component AV Cable supports 576p and 480p video. The Apple Composite AV Cable supports 576i and 480i video. The Dock Connector to VGA Adapter is supposed to retail for, you guessed it, $29. (Is it just me or does Apple love this price point?). The Apple Component AV Cable and Composite AV Cable are both priced at $49 each at the Apple Store.

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So far, cases and sleeves make up the bulk of the third-party accessories for the iPad. Other third-party iPad accessories in the works include skins, screen protectors, stands and speakers. Make sure to occasionally check the iPad Image Gallery, which will be regularly updated with pictures of third-party accessories.

(For more information about the iPad, don't forget to check out our Apple iPad Central page. For non-Apple tablets, you can also check out our Slate PC Roundup and this year's upcoming Slate Tablets from CES.)

modulR Multi-Purpose Case

Photo © modulR

The modulR is one of the more interesting third-party iPad accessories, with its case serving as the base for an assortment of attachments. These attachments include a carrying strap, kick stand, car mount and even a wall mount. The idea is basically to supplement the versatility of the device, whether it be taking the iPad on the go, using it as an alarm clock or digital frame, or even using it as a kitchen PC. The modulR will be out in Summer 2010.

Quirky Cloak iPad Case & Stand

Photo © Quirky

Quirky's Cloak can be used either as a book-type cover or a stand. The Cloak features a non-slip rubber construction with a friction grip to keep the iPad in place. It also has a plastic support brace within its inside cover for propping it up. The device retails for $42, with a tentative release date of May 1.

iLuv iPad Accessories

Photo © iLuv

I actually got an e-mail from iLuv just a few hours after the iPad unveil. Talk about fast! The iBG2000 is a $19.99 neoprene case. Up next is the $24.99 iCC801 silicon case, followed by two clear cases that retail for $29.99 — the iCC802 and the iCC803. The $34.99 iCC804 ultra-thin case sports Tatz graphics. Retailing at $39.99 is the iCC805 casual fabric case and the iCC806 leather cover.

iLuv also has three screen protectors in its lineup. The iCC1190 is a basic clear protective film that costs $14.99. An anti-glare version, the iCC1191, costs a bit more at $19.99. Finally, there's the $24.99 iCC1192, which features a mirror-type film. The latter is clear when the device is running but turns into a mirror when the device is off.

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