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Portable DVD Players at CES 2005


Pixa MP-810

Pixa MP-810

The ever popular portable DVD player category saw a continued increase in new models and features this year at CES. Multiple companies unveiled new models which continue to get lower in price and more intriguing in their capabilities. Most notable were tablet style devices and the use of wireless technology. Check out the listed companies in this article to learn what portable DVD players they plan to bring to store shelves in 2005.

Toshiba is a name almost any consumer who purchases home electronics knows off the top of their head. They’ve been active in the portable DVD player market for several years now, steadily rolling out new models. This year's introduction of the SD-P1600 continues that tradition.

The SD-P1600, due to hit store shelves this month for $229.99, is an innovative model which has a 7” color screen and a design which makes it compact (Toshiba says it is about the size of two stacked DVD cases). Other features include dual headphone jacks, picture viewing capability, multiple zoom modes and virtual surround sound.

Also on display during CES 2005 was the already available SD-P2700. This model, which garnered Toshiba an industry award, offers an 8.9” color screen which can swivel to offer multiple viewing angles. It also offers progressive scan video outputs and picture viewing capability, among other features.

Mustek, a name more known in the world of scanners, has quietly been pumping out consumer electronics for the last few years. This year at CES they unveiled several new tablet style portable DVD players - PL 8A, PL 8B and PL 10A - which look to take an interesting twist on traditional design.

Each player, of which availability and pricing were not provided, offers a TFT LCD screen set into a slim tablet design with shock protection. All three come bundled with a removable battery which can be charged separately from the player. Other features which are standard include Dolby Digital decoding, S-Video and progressive scan support and playback support for audio, video and picture CDs and DVDs.

As an added twist, the PL 8A (9” screen) and PL 8B (8.4” screen) models also come with an optional built in TV tuner with antenna jack. All three units, including the PL 10A (7” screen), weigh approximately two pounds.

The expansive Samsung CES booth had multitudes of electronics on display this year. In the portable DVD player realm, two new models were being shown off for 2005. The 10” screen DVD-L300 (March - $699) and 7” screen DVD-L70 (March - $299) both promise to offer some good choices for consumers.

Both players, while priced several hundred dollars apart, offer several features in common. Each is less than 1” thick when closed and extremely lightweight. Both sport quality resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio control and a 160 degree viewing angle for good front of screen enjoyment. Also standard for both models is picture viewing capability and A/V inputs and outputs, including S-Video.

In regards to individuality, the DVD-L300 offers up an adaptive screen technology which will make a movie viewable under varying light conditions. The high mark for the DVD-L70 meanwhile, according to Toshiba, is the unit’s sleek industrial design.

Coby is another electronics company whose name is not that well known. This may change however with their pending release of the sleek looking TFD-DVD500. This model, with its unique stand design, won an honorable mention at CES for its good looks.

The TFD-DVD500, of which pricing and availability information were not yet available, features a 3.5” color LCD display. It also comes with a rechargeable battery which doubles as the aforementioned adjustable stand. The overall size is around a standard personal CD player.

Playback capability of the TFD-DVD500 is pretty standard, with DVDs, audio CDs, CD-R/CD-RW and MP3-CDs supported. The player is also capable of displaying photo images off of JPEG CDs.

The TFD-DVD500 gets a reported 2.5 hours of video playback time between charges.

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