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First Look: Sony D-VE7000S DVD Walkman


Sony D-VE7000S DVD Walkman

Sony D-VE7000S DVD Walkman

Photo Credit: ©Sony
Sony is set this month (April 2006) to introduce to American consumers the latest product to bear the famed “Walkman” name. This newest gadget looks really cool and will definitely be a must have for lovers of portable DVD players. Get ready for the Sony D-VE7000S DVD Walkman.

The D-VE7000S has a slim design at 7-5/8 inches wide by 5-3/8 inches tall by 1-1/8 inches deep. It weighs around one pound, twelve ounces and comes in a stylish black body which sports a seven-inch wide screen, high definition color LCD display. This screen takes much of the real estate of the topside of the player and is accompanied by six or so control buttons.

Disc Formats & Video:
This multi-format DVD player receives its discs via the bottom of the player, which pops down to reveal the interior. Supported formats includes both dual and single layer DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, JPEG, MP3, CD-R/RW and CD+R/RW discs. DVDs with Dolby Digital and DTS encoding are also supported, allowing consumers the ability to enjoy surround sound as they watch a movie.

Besides multi-format support, the D-VE7000S has selectable video in/out ports, allowing one to connect an external video source such as a game system, camera or VCR to the unit so it can be used as a monitor. There are also ports which also allow one to hook up the DVD player to a full size television and home entertainment system.

Other Features:
Also built into the D-VE7000S are twin headphone jacks so that two people can listen to the audio from a DVD at the same time. This feature is joined by a built-in rechargeable battery which offers up to three hours of DVD playback and a kick stand and ergonomic grip for providing an easy way to display or hold the player.

Technical features of the DVD Walkman include three surround sound effects, several preset equalizer settings, 24-bit/96kHz digital to analog audio conversion, 12-bit/108MHz digital to analog video conversion and a built-in clock. The D-VE7000S comes with stereo headphones, a wireless remote, a speaker/charging cradle that has 450mW + 450mW of audio power, a carrying case and an AC power adapter.

The Sony D-VE7000S DVD Walkman is priced at $199.

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