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LG DP889 Portable DVD Player First Look


LG DP889

LG DP889

LG Electronics
Updated July 27, 2008
It is not often you find a portable DVD player pulling double duty as some type of other consumer electronics. LG, commonly known for its mobile phones and flat panel televisions, has one player which does, in fact, act as a secondary digital device at the home. It is called the DP889 and it works as a portable DVD player and digital picture frame.


The LG DP889, priced at around $280, is a stylish looking portable DVD player which is relatively light at just over two pounds. It incorporates a foldable kickstand so it can stand on its own accord while you are viewing movies or digital photos. The screen is an eight-inch design housed in a body measuring 9.1- x 5.7- x 1.6-inches and includes a flip-open door under the screen to load discs.

Speaking of discs, the DP889 works well with regular DVDs. It also supports the following additional disc formats for watching movies or listening to music: DVD±R/DVD±RW/CD/CD-R/CD-RW. Features available while watching a DVD on this player include zoom, parental lock, slow speed and camera angle selection.

This DVD player's other function as a digital photo frame is handled via internal memory storage, which lets it hold up to 250 JPEG photos for photo slideshows. Built into the DP889 is a three-in-one memory card slot as well as a USB port, so you can more easily load or view photos hosted on digital cameras and larger memory cards.

Other features of the DP889 include A/V output to project video and images to a larger screen, a battery life of up to 3.5 hours, an included mini remote, A/V input to play media from other devices on its screen, built-in stereo speakers and dual earphone jacks.

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