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Portable DVD Players Revealed at CES 2006


Portable DVD Players Revealed at CES 2006

Samsung DVD-L765

Portable DVD players continued to be a hot item in 2005, especially in light of prices continuing to fall and players becoming more innovative in their features and design. This trend looks to continue in 2006, given the number of new player announcements from manufacturers at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show in January. Represented in this report are upcoming portable DVD players from Samsung, Toshiba, Axion, Panasonic and Thomson/RCA.

Samsung announced two new portable DVD players at CES 2006. Both models – the DVD-L760 ($199) and DVD-L765 ($229) – come equipped with 7-inch screens and will be available in April. Features in common on these two models include 480p resolution, 16:9 aspect viewing ratio, 160-degree viewing angle, picture CD viewing capability, a 1-inch thin industrial design and 5.1-channel virtual surround sound. Both also sport a rechargeable battery, with the DVD-L760 getting an estimated four hours of playback time and the DVD-L765 getting six.

Like Samsung, consumer electronics rival Toshiba was showcasing two new portable DVD players. These products – the SD-P1700 ($179.99 – April release date) and the SD-P1850 ($199.99 – February release date) – have 7-inch and 8-inch viewing screens respectively. Features of the SD-P1700 include a slim design, four hours of DVD playback via a rechargeable battery, a 4-in-1 memory card slot for viewing digital photos captured on a digital camera, DivX video playback support and dual headphone jacks.

The SD-P1850, meanwhile, will offer users a display inverter, four hours of playback via a rechargeable battery, dual headphone jacks, DivX video playback and a 4-in-1 memory card slot like the SD-P1700.

Axion had three new portable DVD players which they announced at CES 2006. The first model is the 7-inch widescreen AXN-6075. Priced at $199 and expected to be available in the second quarter, this player is noted for being water-resistant. Features of the AXN-6075 will include 16:9 aspect viewing ratio, compatibility with CDs and MP3 CDs, built-in stereo speakers, a headphone jack and a detachable/rechargeable battery.

Joining the AXN-6075 in the second quarter are the AXN-6072 ($249) and AXN-6073 ($249). Both sport dual 7-inch LCD screens, with the AXN-6072 taking on a tablet form while the other player comes as a LCD monitor. Features on these two players include 16: aspect viewing ratio, a weight of less than two pounds, the ability to watch DVDs on one screen while playing video games on another, stereo speakers, support for picture and audio CDs, dual headphone jacks and a port for connecting to special cable and video game accessories.

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