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Toshiba SD-P1900 Portable DVD Player First Look


Toshiba SD-P1900

Toshiba SD-P1900

Image Photo Credit: ©Toshiba
Toshiba has long been one of the more favored consumer electronics manufacturers when it comes to portable DVD players. It's no wonder why as they roll out interesting models year after year for the needs of business travellers and children in the backseats of SUVs alike. One of their newest models is the SD-P1900 ($200).

The SD-P1900 has a stylish black look to it and sports a nine-inch widescreen LCD panel on which to view your favorite DVDs. This panel offers up 480 x 234 resolution and a 110-degree viewing angle. On-board controls allow one to adjust the brightness and color on-screen as well as zoom in on select videos.

Audio on the SD-P1900 is in industry standard D/A 192 kHz/24 bit. This Toshiba portable DVD player is capable also of outputting DTS and Dolby Digitial when connected to a home entertainment system. Other audio features include built-in speakers, virtual surround sound and dual headphone jacks.

The Toshiba SD-P1900 portable DVD player, besides playing back standard DVD movies, also supports a variety of other disc formats. On the video side, these include DVD-R, DVD VR, DivX and DVD-RW. Audio playback support is offered for standard CDs as well as CD-R, CD-RW, CD (CD-DA format) and WMA or MP3-encoded CDs. Digital picture CDs loaded with JPEGs are also supported.

Other features of the SD-P1900 include up to five hours of rechargeable battery life, an acrylic control panel with oversized buttons and switchable audio/video inputs and outputs. Those who buy this portable DVD player will also get the following accessories: AC adapter, car cord adapter, AV cable and a slim remote control.

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