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Portable Radios

Portable radios come in different shapes in sizes, be it the classic Walkman or the boombox. The question is: how do you want your FM? Check out our product reviews, buying guides and hand-picked links as we try to help you find the best radio for your on the go lifestyle.
  1. Portable Satellite Radios (5)

Slacker G2 First Look
The Slacker G2 takes your traditional personal radio and gives it a 21st century overall. You can download lots of programmed music to it via wireless Internet and take it with you for listening enjoyment. For more details, check out this Slacker G2 first look.

Portable Radio Announcements from CES 2005
The Consumer Electronics Show each year shows off the best in new products. Though the portable radio and boombox category is one of the oldest out there for portable entertainment, new announcements each year at CES help to keep this category fresh. Read on to find out about the most interesting portable radios and boomboxes set to hit store shelves for 2005.

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