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Slacker G2 First Look


Slacker G2

Slacker G2

Updated September 26, 2008
When you think about portable radios you probably envision those old radios your dad used to have in the basement which ran on batteries and pulled in the baseball game every Saturday. The advent of the Internet and modern technology, like with so many other old school electronics categories, has changed the face of what you know to bring it up to speed for the 21st century.

A company by the name of Slacker has what it calls a new "personal radio" player called the Slacker G2. This product pulls down over the WiFi airwaves music you love and personalize on line to create your own custom radio stations. What's nice is you can also take this music with you when you are offline in places such as airplanes.


The Slacker G2 looks much like any other MP3 or portable media player, complete with the ability to play MP3 files, view music information through its 2.4-inch color screen, store music in its 4GB or 8GB memory capacity and playback up to 15 hours of music via its rechargeable battery. It comes with a carrying case, earphones, USB cable and power wall adapter. You can also create your own personal playlists from the music you already own, which is another common feature found on digital music players.

Where the Slacker G2 seems to differ is with its interactions with the online Slacker radio service. You can access this service and its over 100 programmed stations to "create, edit and share" you own personalized stations. The service, when you access it through the built-in WiFi, "automatically downloads and continuously refreshes thousands of personally selected songs" to your G2 so you can listen to them later offline.

Slacker says there is no subscription required for its G2 owners to access its online music library, artist profiles, album reviews and large cover art. Its library consists "of millions of songs from all genres and eras." Besides the 100 programmed stations you can also enjoy "over 10,000 artist stations." The Slacker G2 is available in 25 or 40 station capacity.

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