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Portable Media Players

Portable media players offer cutting edge technology for those who want to take movies with them. Which one is best for you though? Let our buying guides, product reviews and hand-picked links help you to sort out the marketing hype and pick the best player.
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Review: Sandisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive
The SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive gives mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets extra memory in a pinch.

How to Convert Video for Portable Devices
A guide to converting videos for portable devices such as the iPod, PSP and smartphones.

Before You Buy a Portable Media Player
Portable media players let you carry and enjoy digital audio, video and photos all at the same time. Portable media players are good for hauling around large amounts of these types of files so you can have hours of enjoyment. For more details on the best portable media player features to consider, check out this buying guide.

Product Review: Nextar T30 Portable Media Player
The Nextar T30 portable media player is a small portable media player for those on a budget. The player unfortunately has enough minor annoying issues to make it hard to give praise to. For more details on the Nextar T30, check out this review.

Archos 5 Portable Media-Internet Player Review
The Archos 5 portable media player is also an Internet tablet style device. This Archos player lets one enjoy audio/video file playback, displays digital photos, records live television (with the Archos DVR Station) and connects to the Internet for wireless Web browsing. Read this Archos 5 review to see how this player stacks up.

The Battle of Two MP3 Player Titans: Microsoft vs. Apple
Apple dominates the MP3 player market with the iPod. Microsoft is challenging with the Zune while at the same time continuing PlaysForSure. What the heck is all of this? Check out this quick introduction to what to expect as two giant computer companies battle it out for the portable media player crown.

Microsoft Gets Its Zune On
Microsoft has released a slew of new details about their Zune portable media player and Zune Marketplace, an online music service similar to iTunes. For more details on how Zune might be the iPod killer everybody has been waiting for, read Microsoft Gets Its Zune On.

Portable Media Players at CES 2006
Portable media (video) players are coming into their own this year, as shown by the large number of product announcements which came from the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show. Headlining the portable media player announcements were new devices which run off of Microsoft's Portable Media Center platform. For more details on the CES 2006 portable media (video) player announcements, read this article.

Portable Video Players at CES 2005
The portable video player market looks to be heating up as several companies unveiled new portable media players at CES. Better looking screens and other new features are making these portable video players look more attractive as potential purchases. Give this article a read to see some of the new portable video players announced at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show.

About - Will Apple Ever Produce a PVP?
Are you amongst the throngs of iPod fans wondering if Apple will ever do a video version of its digital audio player? Come with your Guide as he talks to some experts and digs into the rumor mill to see if a Apple portable video player is in the works.

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