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Portable Media (Video) Players at CES 2006


Portable Media (Video) Players at CES 2006

RCA Lyra X3000 Personal Multimedia Recorder

Photo Credit: ©Thomson
Thomson, through their well known RCA consumer electronics brand, was announcing their new Lyra X3000 Personal Multimedia Recorder (available now for $399). This portable media player with a 3.6-inch color LCD screen takes an interesting twist in this product category in that it is one of the first to support transfers and playback of television recorded on select satellite TV provider DIRECTV digital video recorders. In addition, the Lyra X3000 is compatible with Microsoft PlaysForSure based online music and video subscription content, greatly expanding the amount of third party entertainment options available.

Other features of the Lyra X3000 include support for direct video recording from sources such as a television, a weight of under eight ounces, a thickness of 0.75 inches, a rechargeable battery which offers around four hours of video playback, support for multiple audio, video and digital photo file types, a 20GB hard drive, a built-in speaker and voice recording.

Rounding out the major CES 2006 announcements regarding portable media players is Taiwan-based Tatung’s V620 Portable Media Center. Like the Samsung gigabeat S Series and LG PM70, the V620 runs off of the Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Platform. Features of this player, which will debut in the spring, include a 3.5-inch color LCD screen, a 20GB hard drive, audio integration with an Xbox 360, synchronization with media content on a PC through Windows Media Player 10, compatibility with PlaysForSure (Windows Media DRM 10) online music and video subscription content, support for a variety of digital media file formats and up to 20 hours of audio playback via its rechargeable battery.

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