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Disney Expands Kids Electronics Line


Disney Mix Max

Disney Mix Max

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Updated September 20, 2006
Disney looks to be expanding their presence in the kids electronics space as they announced new products related to their themed Mix Stick MP3 players, which rank currently among the ten best selling flash memory based MP3 players. Being introduced by the Happiest Place on Earth is the Mix Max portable media player for $99.99, an upgraded Mix Stick for $49.99 and a new mini-version of the Mix Stick called the Mix Micro for $19.99.

Mix Max Portable Media Player:

The Disney Mix Max is a portable media player which lets your children enjoy full length Buena Vista Home Entertainment movies, digital music, TV shows and digital photos. The Mix Max is available in several colorful styles, according to Disney, which include two “High School Musical” models, floral themed “Tinker Bell” units in white or purple, “Forever Princess” and “Princess Flowers” designs in pink, a “Cheetah Girls” model in a leopard pattern, a “funky ‘Tween Bling” style and two contemporary “Ice Blue” or “Silver Chrome” models.

The Mix Max, which ships with stereo earbuds and a wrist strap, is designed specifically for kids with what Disney describes as “easy to use navigation for video and audio playback”. This player has a 2.2-inch color LCD display, provides two hours of video or eight hours of audio enjoyment via its rechargeable battery and offers 512MB of internal memory, which is enough to hold up to 240 songs or around five hours of video. This memory is expandable up to 2GB via add-in SD memory cards. For the techies in the crowd, the Mix Max plays WMV videos, MP3 and WMA audio files and JPEG digital pictures. It also supports popular PlaysForSure online subscription services like Yahoo! Music.

Like the Mix Sticks, Disney offers add-in content for the Mix Max. Called Max Clips, these tiny memory cards priced at $19.99 each contain full length Disney films such as Cheetah Girls and High School Musical, and are loaded into a slot on the player for viewing enjoyment.

Accessories announced for the Mix Max besides the Max Clips include the Disney Jam Stand Max stereo speakers/re-charger, stereo ear clip headphones and carrying cases. Additional features include a stereo headphone jack, USB 2.0 connectivity and one button playlist mixing.

New Mix Sticks/Mix Micro:

The upgraded Mix Stick, which plays MP3 and WMA audio files, lets kids download music from popular music services, get music off of their favorite CDs or play music directly off of the Disney created Mix Clips. These clips, priced at $14.99, offer full length albums such as Disney’s Greatest Hits, Vol 1 and High School Musical Soundtrack. The Mix Stick itself offers as new features for 2006 512MB of internal memory (expandable to 2GB via SD/MMC memory cards) and on the fly playlist creation.

Designs of the Mix Stick include “White Tink”, “Princess Flowers”, “Tween Bling”, “Blue Chrome”, “High School Musical”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “A Nightmare Before Christmas”.

Joining the upgraded Mix Stick is the new Disney Mix Micro Player. This 2.5-inch by 1.5-inch portable audio player has no internal memory but instead a SD/MMC memory card slot for inserting your own memory storage size of choice. Other features include WMA/MP3 music file playback, Disney Mix Clips support and an AAA battery power source.

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