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ClearTouch Crystal Screen Protector A Bit Pricey But Still Delivers

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ClearTouch Crystal Screen Protector A Bit Pricey But Still Delivers

BoxWave ClearTouch Crystal Screen Protector

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The Bottom Line

BoxWave's ClearTouch Crystal screen protector provides a barrier for your portable device's monitor while preserving as much screen clarity as possible. Although that excellent clarity comes at the expense of glare protection, people who want a protector that simply protects without being noticeable will be happy with this product. The fact that it's washable and reusable is also an added bonus. A very solid protector overall.


  • Excellent clarity
  • Non-tacky adhesive makes it easier to remove
  • Washable and reusable
  • Semi-rigid construction means easier handling


  • Does not reduce glare
  • Relatively pricey compared to other protectors


  • Protector prevents scratches and nicks on portable electronics screens
  • Clear material provides more than 99 percent visual transparency
  • $12.95 for most portable devices

Guide Review - ClearTouch Crystal Screen Protector A Bit Pricey But Still Delivers

BoxWave's ClearTouch Crystal screen protector is targeted at portable electronics owners who want to maintain as much of their device's screen clarity while offering it protection from scratches and other blemishes. It is available for a wide range of devices, including cell phones, portable media players and gaming systems.

Visually, the protector delivers on its promise, with screen quality remaining excellent during testing on an Archos 5 media player. You don't even notice the protector is there.

The protector itself appears to hold up well from normal use, including touching, stylus swipes and the scraping process required to smooth out unwanted air pockets.

Like most screen protectors, installation can be a bit of a pain since getting just one speck of dust between the ClearTouch and the screen results in an air bubble that can't be smoothed out. Fortunately, the protector is removable (a common trick is to lift the corner by sticking tape on it and pulling back). You can even wash it if you somehow get a ton of dust specks stuck on the adhesive side.

Since the ClearTouch Crystal line is designed to preserve as much of your device's original visual transparency, it isn't ideal for reducing glare. BoxWave has a different line for that—the CearTouch Anti Glare. The caveat with anti-glare protectors, however, is reduced clarity.

At $12.95 for most portable devices, the ClearTouch Crystal is a bit pricey compared to your average protector. But average protectors are typically just that—average—while this particular product works quite well. The fact that the ClearTouch Crystal is reusable also helps ease the hit on the wallet.
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