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Top 5 Hard Drive MP3 Players


Nothing quite beats MP3 players with hard drives when it comes to being able to digitally carry around your music collection. Ranging upwards of 60GB of hard drive space, this translates into the ability to carry up to 15,000 songs or more with you on your journeys. Many hard drive players also let you carry your digital photo collection with you so that you can display it to your friends as musical slideshows. For ideas on some of the best hard drive MP3 players out, check out the list below.

1. Apple iPod

No list of hard drive MP3 players would be complete without the industry leading iPod from Apple. The fifth generation of this popular player comes in 20GB (5,000 songs) and 60GB (15,000 songs) choices and supports AAC and MP3 music files as well as Audible digital audiobooks. It sports a 1.5” color LCD display which can display album cover art as well as JPEG and other types of digital photos which you transfer over through iTunes. Battery life between charges is up to 15 hours.
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2. Sony NW-HD5 Network Walkman

Sony’s response to the iPod is the NW-HD5 Network Walkman. It comes in one hard drive size – 20GB – and can store up to 13,000 songs if using Sony’s ATRAC3 plus audio format (other music file formats supported include MP3). The player can up to 40 hours of playback time on its removable, rechargeable battery. The 1.5” LCD display is bi-directional, meaning it can be viewed vertically or horizontally. It comes in three color choices – silver, black, red – and has shock protection for bumps.
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3. iriver H10

iriver’s popular H10 hard drive MP3 player turns heads with its different color choices and stylish look. It comes in 20GB (600 hours of music), 6GB (180 hours of music) and 5GB (150 hours of music) storage sizes. Music formats supported include MP3 and WMA. The color LCD, which varies in size depending upon the amount of hard drive space, displays JPEG digital photos. Other features include an integrated FM tuner, integrated voice recorder and a touch strip for on screen navigation.
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4. Creative Zen Touch

The Zen Touch from Creative is one of this company’s most popular hard drive MP3 players. It comes in storage sizes of 20GB (10,000 songs) and 40GB (16,000 songs) and can play MP3 and WMA music files. The battery life of this player provides for up to 24 hours of playback before a recharge is necessary. Features include a vertical touch pad for song navigation, a dedicated random button for song shuffling and a blue, backlit LCD for viewing song titles and the like.
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5. Toshiba gigabeat

Toshiba’s gigabeat line of MP3 players comes in four sizes: 10GB (2,500 songs), 20GB (5,000 songs), 40GB (10,000 songs) and 60GB (15,500 songs). The gigabeats support MP3 and WMA music files and play for up to 16 hours on a rechargeable battery. Each one sports a 2.2” color LCD which lets you view album cover art as well as personal digital images transferred to the gigabeat. This line is “PlaysForSure” certified by Microsoft, which makes it compatible with online music services like Napster.
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