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Portable Electronics: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Step-by-Step Directions for Updating Your...
Step-by-step instructions for updating the software of your Kindle Fire tablet
How to Use Windows Media Player to Rip CDs
A step-by-step tutorial/lesson on how to rip or copy music/tunes from a CD by using Windows Media Player.
How to Cancel a Frozen App Download on Android
What to do when your app download freezes during an Android Market crash.
Quick and Easy Apple iPad Tips
Quick and easy tips, tricks and tutorials for the Apple iPad.
How to Take a Screenshot and Crop It with LG G...
Taking a screenshot with your LG G Flex Android smartphone is easy as one-two-three.
What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Portable...
Tips and features to consider before buying a portable DVD player.
How to Change the Battery on Your Barnes and...
Replacing the battery of a Barnes & Noble Nook
Pairing an Xbox One Astro A50 with other...
Despite its name, the Xbox One Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headset actually can be used with other systems.
Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks
Wondering about how you can take a screenshot with your Samsung Galaxy S5? How about replacing the battery, SIM or microSD card? Check this tutorial to find out.
How to Set Up a 2nd-Gen Astro Gaming A50...
How to set up Astro Gaming's second-generation A50 gaming headset.
How to Remove Samsung Galaxy S Captivate Back,...
Prepping the Samsung Galaxy S Back cover for removal.
Portable DVD and Blu-Ray Player Picks
A list of recommended portable DVD players out on the market.
The Correct Way to Travel with Your Android Phone
How to turn on Wi-Fi while disabling 3G, 4G or phone calls on Android.
Secure Your iPad by Setting a Passcode
Setting Up Your iPad password. Portable Electronics.
Save Your Data by Backing Up Your iPad
Backing up and restoring an iPad.
How Amazon Kindle Owners Can Loan eBooks for Free
Amazon launches book lending service for Kindle-owning Amazon Prime members.
Forgot Lock Screen PIN for Your Android Device?...
Are you staring at your Android device’s lock screen after forgetting your password or PIN? Here’s how you can reset it safely and remotely to access your device again.
Connecting Portable USB Devices, Moving Content...
Accessories can help you connect USB devices or transfer media to and from your iPhone or iPad. Here's a quick primer on how to do it.
Quick Look: Samsung's Galaxy Tab Android Tablet
A quick look at the specs of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet.
Touch of Honey: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review
Samsung tries to one-up Apple’s iPad 2 with its sleek, new Android Honeycomb tablet.
What is E Ink?
An explanation on how E Ink works.
The Switch: Swapping the SIM Card of a Samsung...
How to switch the SIM card on your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge.
Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant Tutorial: Removing...
Removing the back cover of a Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant smartphone.
Review: Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About...
Chop suey the undead through the ages in the sequel to the popular ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ game.
The Top 5 Portable USB Chargers
A roundup of portable battery and charging options for electronic devices.
Changing Your Wallpaper in Android Honeycomb
Bring up the Android Honeycomb wallpaper submenu by touching and holding an empty part of the screen.
How to Remove the Back Covers of an HTC Inspire...
How to remove the back covers of an HTC Inspire 4G in order to change or replace the battery, SIM, and MicroSD memory card.
How To’s: Replacing the Samsung Galaxy...
Got yourself a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge? Here's how you take out the back cover in order to replace the battery and SIM or insert a new memory card.
Nice Set Up: How to Set Up Your iPad Without...
How to set up a new iPad without using a computer.
A Solid 3rd-Party Xbox Controller for Gamers on...
Performance Designed Products’ Rock Candy Xbox 360 controller attempts to provide gamers with an affordable alternative.
Finders Keepers: Tracking Down a Lost or Stolen...
Lost your Android phone? You can use Android Device Manager to track down that missing phone, with some caveats, of course.
The Top 4 Portable Satellite Radios on the Market
XM and Sirius satellite radio are extremely popular these days. Satellite radio is a great way to get your favorite music crystal clear and commercial free and now there are ways to enjoy your favorite satellite radio via portable devices. XM and Sirius both offer portable satellite radio devices so you can listen to music, sports and talk radio almost anywhere. We offer advice here on some of the top picks for portable satellite radios.
Slate PC's: The Slate Tablet PC Roundup
A roundup of popular slate tablet PC's in the market and new ones that are on the way.
En Fuego: The Latest in Amazon's Kindle Line of...
Need some help making sense of Amazon's growing line of e-readers and tablets? Here's a quick guide to everything you need to know about Amazon's Kindle line.
The Takeaway on Samsung's Android-Powered...
How does the first serious iPad competitor stack up? Here’s a look at the Verizon version of Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab.
9 Tips Before You Buy and E-Reader
From E Ink to tablets, here are some tips before buying an e-book reader.
Storage Wars: 7 Tips When Choosing an SSD,...
Picking between a solid state, solid state hybrid and hard disk drive? Here are some pointers to think about.
Memory Lane: A Look Back at the Original iPad
A look at the features of Apple's iPad tablet.
How to View eBooks from a Public Library on...
How to borrow e-books from library. How to borrow e-books from the library. How to download books from your library to your e-reader. How to borrow a digital book from your library.
How to Change the LG G Flex SIM Card
A tutorial on how to open the SIM tray of the LG G Flex Android smartphone and positioning the SIM card.
These Are the Best Ultra-Low-Cost MP3 Players
MP3 players for those on a tight budget can be a reality. Cheap MP3 players may not have all the same features as their more expensive kin, but budget MP3 players still offer a lot for the dollar. Many cheap MP3 players are flash memory based. For more details on some of the best cheap MP3 players on the market today, check out this list.
Kids' Gift Guide: Top Electronics for Kids
A list of top electronics devices for kids.
Leaving on a Jet Plane? Here are Some Gadgets...
A list of the top five portable devices to bring with you on a long plane flight.
Nook Color Honeycomb Tutorial - NOOK to Android...
How to install Android Honeycomb on NOOK Color. How To Upgrade NOOK Color To Honeycomb. Installing Android HoneyComb On NOOK Color. Honeycomb Makes NOOK A Cheap Android Tablet.
Shows on the Road: Philips PET7402A Portable...
Review of the Philips PET7402 Portable DVD Player.
Droid Smarts: Removing the Motorola Droid 2...
Unlocking the back of a Motorola Droid 2 to remove the cover.
E-Mail on Kindle: How to Use the Kindle For...
How to use the free 3G on Kindle to access e-mail on the go. How to use a Kindle for free e-mail. How to use a Kindle as a free e-mail device. Hack a Kindle for free e-mail anywhere in the US.
Mass Effect: Bulk Selecting and Deleting Images...
Wondering how you can quickly select multiple photos and images on your iPhone and iPad in order to erase them faster? Here’s how in a few easy steps.
Sony D-NF400 CD Walkman Review
Sony's D-NF400 CD Walkman is a well thought out CD player which supports standard audio, MP3 and Sony's ATRAC3 CDs. It offers long battery life, good button layout, a very useful LCD information display and a variety of control choices to enhance your listening experience. Uninterrupted playback via a memory buffer is offered for those times when the player takes a bump. It also can tune to FM, AM, TV and weather stations, with the ability to program 51 total presets.
Which Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet is Right For You?
While Apple’s iPad continues to rule the tablet roost, Amazon has built a solid stable of slates. Here’s a rundown of its Kindle Fire tablets.
Sync Gmail Contacts to Your iPhone in 7 Easy...
A tutorial on how to sync your Gmail contacts to your iPhone.
Stick to It: Yurbuds In-Ear Earphones Review
A review of the Yurbuds earphone cover and earbud adapters.
Review: The Sony DVP-FX930 Portable DVD Player
A review of the Sony DVP-FX930 portable DVD player.
Android Phone Fight: Galaxy S6 vs. HTC One M9...
Need help deciding between the Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G Flex 2 and HTC One M9? Here's a comparison of features to help you decide.
NOOK Color Receives Update, App Store
NOOK Color receives Android 2.2 upgrade with App Store. Nook Color system update 1.2 brings tablet functionality including app store and Flash support. Barnes & Noble upgrades the NOOK Color. NOOK Color becomes an inexpensive Android tablet thanks to firmware update.
Affordable Performance: Afterglow Universal...
A review of Performance Designed Products’ Afterglow Universal Wireless Headset.
What do I look for in a MP3 player?
Hard drive or flash memory? PC or Mac compatible? FM tuner or not? Not sure what features to consider for your digital audio player? Check out our digital audio player buying guide and let us help you sort out the best player for your needs.
Ahead of Curve: Removing LG G Flex 2 Back...
Removing the back cover of the LG G Flex 2 to access the SIM and microSD card is easier than you think.
Portable Movies: Toshiba SDP93S DVD Player Review
A review of the Toshiba SDP93S portable DVD player.
7 Tips When Picking Sport Headphones for Exercise
Looking for the perfect pair of headphones to suit your active lifestyle? Here are some pointers to get you up and running.
What to Consider Before Buying a Portable CD...
Portable CD players give you the option to take your shiny silver discs with you on the road or to the gym. What are the best things to consider when shopping for that perfect portable CD player? Check out our buying guide to portable CD players to help you make an informed decision.
How to Replace the Battery/SIM/MicroSD on...
How to remove the back cover of a BlackBerry Torch.
Kindle Software Update Version 3.1
Learn about Kindle Software Update Version 3.1. What's new in Kindle Software Update Version 3.1. Features of Kindle Software Version 3.1. Features of Kindle Software Update Version 3.1.
How To Copy Music from CDs Using Real Player 10
Real Player 10 is one of the leading music management software applications. You can use Real Player 10 to copy (rip) CDs and convert them to MP3s which you save on your hard drive. To learn how to copy (rip) music CDs using Real Player 10, read my step by step how to tutorial on copying CDs using Real Player 10.
Best eReaders: A Roundup of the Most Popular...
Best eReaders? A roundup of the top popular eReaders on the market.
Before You Buy: Picking a New Tablet or Slate
The Tablet Buying Guide: From Apple's iPad to Android and Microsoft's Surface tablets, here are some tips when picking or choosing a slate to buy.
From Screenshots to Memory Cards: HTC One M8...
A quick tutorial on how to take a screenshot with your HTC One M8 Android smartphone.
All Rounder: Astro A50 Gen 2 Wireless Headset...
The Xbox One variant of the A50 can actually be used with other consoles as well as PC and mobile.
Tutorial: How to Add or Remove Apps From LG G...
Adding and removing apps or app shortcuts from the LG G Flex home screen.
To USB Or Not To USB: Is Wi-Fi An E-Reader Must...
Does NOOK WiFi or Kindle beat Sony Reader because of wireless connectivity? Is WiFi a must have feature for e-readers? Does the best e-book reader have to offer WiFi connectivity?
Ouya-La: Changing the Ouya Controller Battery
At first glance, it seems like there's no way to put the battery into the Ouya console's controller. Here's how to do it.
Sideloading: What Is It?
What is sideloading an e-book. What is side loading an e-book. What does it mean when you sideload an e-book. What does it mean when you side load an e-book.
Top Gaming Headsets with a Mic
Looking for a good pair of headsets to accompany your gaming fix? Then check out our list of gaming headsets with mics to help you with your decision.
Mini Key: iRig Keys Universal MIDI Keyboard...
A review of the iRig Keys portable keyboard for PC, Mac, and iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad.
Portable Juice: Picking a Portable USB Charger...
Need extra power in a pinch? Here are some tips to help you pick the right portable battery and USB charger to juice up your smartphones and other gadgets.
Old Meets New: Pyle Vintage Vinyl Record Player...
The Pyle Vintage player lets you listen to vinyl records and stream tunes via Bluetooth.
HTC Surround Back Cover, Battery and SIM Card...
HTC Surround Back Cover, Battery and SIM Card Tutorial
Review: Swann Micro Lightning RC Helicopter
A review of the Swann Micro Lightning remote-controlled helicopter.
Preview: Amazon’s 4th-Generation Kindle
A quick look at Amazon’s 4th-generation Kindle reader.
What's the Best E-Reader for Beach Reading?
Here's a list of the best e-readers for summer reading on the beach. Compare them and find out which one is best for you.
Top 5 Hard Drive MP3 Players
A hard drive based MP3 player provides you the ultimate in the ability to take your music collection on the go. Capable of holding up to and over 15,000 songs, hard drive based MP3 players provide a wide variety of features for song lovers. For details on some of the best hard drive based MP3 players out there, such as the Apple iPod, check out this list.
10 Reasons Why You Should Buy An E-Reader For...
10 reasons why school e-books plus an e-reader are a winning combination. E-textbooks one of the 10 reasons for buying an e-reader for school.
What's The Best E-Reader For School?
The best e-reader for school is Amazon's Kindle DX. E-textbooks, big screen, free 3G and advanced notes make Kindle DX the top choice for students. Kindle DX beats out iPad and smaller e-readers as our top pick for students seeking an e-reader.
4 Amazing eBook Readers You Didn't Know About
Alternatives to the top e-book readers. E-readers from Aluratek, Pan Digital, Velocity Micro, iriver and other alternatives to Kindle or NOOK. A list of e-book readers from manufacturers other than Amazon, Sony and Barnes and Noble.
Review: MiCorder Lets You Record Music From...
MiCorder lets you record from any analog or digital source with a headphone jack, including cassete, vinyl, CD and MP3 players.
E-what? So What Exactly is EPUB?
E-what? Here's a quick explanation of the EPUB format and what it's all about.
Take Two: Apple Follows Up Its First iPad with...
A review of Apple’s second-generation iPad 2 tablet, including its pros and cons.
The More You Know: Kindle 3G and Wi-Fi Features
A look at the features of Amazon's new Kindle 3 lineup: the Kindle 3G and Kindle Wi-Fi.
Eye See You: Kodak Home Video Monitor CFH-V15...
Kodak’s CFH-V15 video monitor acts like your own little eye of Sauron at home minus the dark, emotional baggage.
Little Boom: JBL Flip 2 Portable Bluetooth...
JBL’s Flip 2 serves up dynamic sound for a portable speaker.
How to Easily Convert Videos for your...
A guide to converting videos for portable devices such as the iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones, Vita and PSP.
The Portable Electronics and Gadget Gift Guide
A list of top gadget and gift recommendations for portable electronics.
Is It Worth Buying an E-Reader to Save Money on...
Find out if buying e-books saves you money. Learn whether cheaper e-books means that e-reader pays for itself. Do e-books still cost less after you factor in the cost of buying an e-reader?
Before You Buy a Portable Media Player
Portable media players let you carry and enjoy digital audio, video and photos all at the same time. Portable media players are good for hauling around large amounts of these types of files so you can have hours of enjoyment. For more details on the best portable media player features to consider, check out this buying guide.
What to Expect from Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth...
Ultimately, this headset’s biggest strength is being an all-around player.
Review: C6 Hard Case for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone...
The C6 case offers a slim profile and light weight at the expense of solid drop protection.
Review: The WikiReader Portable Wikipedia...
A review of the WikiReader portable Wikipedia encyclopedia.
Preview: Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet
A quick look at Amazon’s first tablet, the Kindle Fire.
Finding the Settings App or Menu on Android...
On the top right of the Honeycomb home screen, you’ll see the “Apps” icon. Go ahead, touch it. You know
Affordable Quad: Swann QuadForce Video Drone
Swann’s QuadForce features low-cost and durable entry-level quadcopter minus some bells and whistles.
Blast From the Past: A Look at Apple's First...
A review of the 16GB version of Apple's new iPad Wifi slate tablet.
Leef iBridge Expands iPhone, iPad Memory in a...
The Leef iBridge lets users easily move files to and from their iPhone or iPad via the Lightning port.
Battle of the Compact Touchscreen E-Readers
Which is the best e-book reader when it comes to compact, touchscreen models? The latest NOOK, Kobo and a veteran Sony compared to determine which is the best e-reader. We compare models from Sony, Kobo and Barnes & Noble to find the best e-reader among compact touchscreen devices.
Getting a Charge: Portable Charging and Battery...
Looking for a portable battery and charger to help extend the life of your portable gadgets on the go? Here's a sampling of storage batteries both big and small to help get you on the right track as well as a charging option for multiple devices.
Removing HTC Thunderbolt Back Cover to Access...
Getting the HTC Thunderbolt cover off.
Preview: Apple’s Second-Generation iPad 2
A preview of Apple's second-generation iPad 2
Coloud Brings 'The Boom' With Light Headphones
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Buy from Amazon
Sandisk Connect Wireless Drive Adds Memory to...
Sandisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive gives mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets extra memory in a pinch.
Review: Seidio Obex Combo Waterproof Samsung...
A review of the Seidio Obex Combo waterproof case with holster for the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.
NOOK Color Review
Review of Barnes & Noble NOOK Color. NOOK Color tablet e-reader reviewed. NOOK Color rates 3 stars in review. How good is the Barnes & Noble NOOK Color e-reader.
Let it Glow: PDP Afterglow Prismatic Wireless...
PDP’s Prismatic headset updates its original Afterglow design while maintaining solid audio quality, but setup for an HDMI connection remains tricky.
How to Delete Photos on Your Blackberry Playbook
Swiping downward from the top bezel of the BlackBerry PlayBook while a picture is highlighted will bring up a drop down menu.
Review: Outdoor Tech Buckshot Bluetooth Speaker
Rugged, compact Buckshot speaker from Outdoor Tech targets cyclists and outdoor lovers.
10 Reasons to Buy an E-Reader for Your Kids
10 reasons why buying your kid an e-reader is a good idea. Why buying an e-book reader for your kids makes sense. 10 reasons why you should buy your kids an e-reader. Why parents should consider an e-book reader for their kids.
Getting Skin in the Game for Your Portables
A review of GelaSkins protective skins for laptops, gaming devices and portable media players.
Get A Grip: Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro...
A review of the Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro headphones.
Review: Sandisk iXpand Frees Up Space for...
SanDisk's iXpand portable storage device lets you play media from the device and free up storage on your iPhone or iPad.
Belkin YourType Folio + Keyboard for iPad Review
A review of the Belkin YourType Folio + Keyboard for iPad.
Review: Samsung Galaxy S5
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Creative Labs MuVo V100 : In-Depth Review
The Creative Labs MuVo V100 offers a strong combination of functionality,capacity, and value in a compact package, but is the MuVo V100 your best option?
Review: SanDisk Memory Stick Micro M2
A review of SanDisk's Memory Stick Micro M2
Form Over Function? Samsung Changes Game With...
Samsung doubles down on design at expense of some staple features with its latest Galaxy flagship smartphones.
Goooaal! EA Sports Football Club Official Wired...
PDP's EA Sports Football Club official controller is solid for a third-party device though a tad pricey for a wired gamepad.
12 LG G Flex 2 Cool Tips and Tricks
Wanna flex the LG G Flex 2’s muscle? Here’s a quick tutorial detailing some of the neat features of the LG G Flex 2.
Sharp Move: Amazon’s Sharper Kindle...
Amazon freshens up its Kindle Paperwhite reader by improving its screen with a sharper 300ppi display while keeping the same $119 price tag.
Review: Pico Freeloader Solar Charger
A review of the Pico Freeloader solar charger
Fast and furious: Sandisk Extreme 500 Portable...
Sandisk’s latest solid state drive serves up zippy speeds and great portability at a price.
Are Kindle E-Books Getting More Expensive?
An informal survey of Amazon bestsellers found Kindle e-books often priced higher than tradition paper versions. Amazon pricing questioned: why are Kindle versions of some bestsellers priced higher than the paper version?
First Look: Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition
Amazon releases a new version of its Fire tablet for little ones with the Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition.
Go-Go Gadget: Best Portable Electronics for Kids
Looking for a present for your older child or teen? Then check out our gadget picks for potential ideas.
Phabulous? LG G Flex Phablet Smartphone Review
LG literally tries to get ahead of the curve with the uniquely shaped G Flex.
Tutorial: How to Play PS4 Games on PS Vita with...
A step-by-step guide on how to play PS4 games on the PS Vita.
E-Readers: Is It Worth Buying Used?
What you can expect to pay for a used e-reader. Guide to buying a used e-reader. B&N Nook tops our list of best value used e-readers. Buying an e-reader on e-Bay.
Perfect Gadget Gift Ideas for Men
A look at several gadget gift recommendations for humanity's other half (i.e. guys).
What Is Kobo?
An overview of kobo books and kobo e-readers. Kobobooks.com, the kobo e-reader and information about the company. Information about kobo e-books and kobo e-readers. Listing of Kobo details including e-readers up to the new kobo Touch.
Review: Rapoo E6300 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
The Rapoo E6300 wireless Bluetooth keyboard packs a premium feel in a small package.
Preview: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7
A preview of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.
Small Beats: Korg MicroKEY 25 MIDI Controller...
Looking for an extra-portable MIDI keyboard to take with you on the go? Here's a review of Korg microKEY25 MIDI controller.
Black, White and Read All Over: Kindle Voyage...
Amazon banks on e-ink loyalists with its new premium e-reader, the Voyage.
Comparing Kindle Fire HD 7, HD 6 to Previous...
Amazon refreshes its Kindle Fire HD line with not one but two new tablets. Here's a look at how it compares to the previous model as well as Apple's iPad Mini.
Amazon Unveils Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD...
Amazon unveils 2012 Kindle lineup with Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and Kindle Paperwhite.
Turtle Beach Ear Force XP400: Same Performance,...
Review of the Turtle Beach Ear Force XP400 gaming headset for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
Retro Cool: Electrohome Signature Vinyl, CD and...
The Electrohome Signature Music System can play vinyl records, CDs and MP3s and can even record from vinyl or CD to a USB thumb drive.
Little Giant: JBL Clip Wireless Bluetooth...
The JBL Clip wireless speaker might look small but it punches above its weight class with big sound for its size.
Review: Joby Gorillapod Focus with Ballhead X
A review of Joby’s Gorillapod Focus and its Ballhead X attachment.
Mightier Than the Sword: Swann PenCam Review
Review of the Swann PenCam pen camera.
Check Your Selfie: 6 Tips on How to Choose a...
Mulling a new selfie stick for your travels and other picture-taking hijinks? Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you get the right one for you.
Removing Kindle Cover Made Easy
How to remove the cover from a Kindle 3. Removing Kindle cover in 3 easy steps.
Outdoor Tech Safe 5 iPhone Case Not Afraid of...
Outdoor Tech’s Safe 5 provides IPX7 waterproof capabilities for the iPhone at a low cost.
Step By Step: Removing the Back Cover of the LG...
A step-by-step guide to removing the back cover of an LG Quantum to access the battery and SIM card.

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